iSEAT® Beanbags Commercial Use

iSIT on an iSEAT® Beanbag

 iSEAT® vinyl beanbags

Marine Grade Vinyl - UV Stabilised & Mould Inhibited

The iSEAT® beanbags are manufactured here in Queensland, Australia. We custom make to Corporate, School, Univesities or agencies branding / logo colours. We use Commercial Marine Grade Vinyl from Innova Pacifica's range which is ideal for Queensland's humid weather as its Mould Inhibited (unlike the cheaper beanbags on the market), UV Stabilised, available in over 50 colours & 3 textured finishes.

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iLEARN - Sensory Sensitivity

Nylon Stitched

Most Hygienic Beanbag - Easily Wipes Clean

The iSEAT® beanbag is available in 3 different textured finishes & lots of bright colours, making it ideal for students or those who suffer from sensory sensitivities, such as autism, PSD, Asperger's Syndrome or ADD/ADHD. These are filled with micro beans which when one sits in, hugs your body. Why Vinyl? Because its the most hygienic option on the market - simply wipe clean with antibacterial wipes after use.

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iSEAT® Branding

Quality you can Trust - Burst Proof, Lightweight & Versatile

The iSEAT® beanbag is triple stitched with elastic reinforcement making it burst proof. The extra wide size is designed to sit adults or kids comfortably and is light enough to move between classrooms, offices for that last minute brain storming session or even outdoors for some Vitamin D. Your iSEAT® can be customised with your corporate branding or school logo. Taking up 1 square meter of floor space one can easily stack 4-5 in a corner ontop of each other.

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