iLEARN, iPLAY, iSIT on an iSEAT®

Introducing the iSEAT® Marine Grade Vinyl Beanbag made here in Queensland, ideal for Schools, Universities, Libraries, Scout Clubs, Sporting Clubs or After School Centers. Made from Commercial Grade Vinyl, making it the hygienic option, simply wipe clean with antibacterial wipes & enjoy indoors or outdoors.  The iSEAT® beanbag is UV Stabilised, Mould Inhibited (ideal for Queensland humidity) & zip pulls have been removed according to Australian Standards.

Schools Beanbags alternative School Furniture

So many schools now utilise iPads and laptops, so change the way your students sit & learn.  Take the class rooms outdoor with the iSEAT® beanbag which is lightweight to move around or create a quiet learning corner.

There’s alot of wonderful imported beanbags on the market but they all absorb dirt or body sweat & lets face it no one washes beanbags especially in a public use environment. We redesigned the tear beanbag, reinforced it and by adding the internal elastic seam & made it burst proof. The iSEAT® beanbags have been tested in our hires the past few years and pass with flying colours. With over 50 colours & 3 different textures to choose from, we can match you sport team colours, school colours or simply blend in with neutral colours.

iSEAT® Designed To Last

Triple Stitched – Attention to Detail

Stitched internally, reinforced with elastic seam and finished off with double top NYLON stitch so won’t fray in the sun.

Branded iSEAT® = Quality

The iSEAT® beanbags are branded so you know your buying quality. Available in 42+ colours and 3 textures.

Premium Virgin Micro Beans

Filled with Micro EPS beans, smaller than conventional beans as you can see in photo that don’t go flat as quickly.

School Logos Screen Printed

iSEAT® beanbag can be screen printed with your school logo upto 4 colours for that personalised custom look

Innova Pacifica® Standard Colour Choices

Innova – Pacifica®

Pacifica® is Australia’s most popular heavy duty fabric for indoor and outdoor commercial applications, the ideal choice for School Beanbags.

Specifically designed to perform in harsh environments, Pacifica® fabrics possess superior technical advantages, enabling the fabric to withstand extreme conditions. Fabric specifications surpass industry expectations for longevity, UV stability, fire retardancy, stain resistance and anti-mould and mildew protection.

A brilliant colour palette of 42 shades embracing classic and modern themes provides specifiers and designers unlimited creative scope for diverse upholstery applications.

Click here to Download PACIFICA PDF to view colour choices and features of this standard vinyl.

Other finish options are the Weave or Textured Pebble Hide, which is one of my favourites but does not come in as many bright colours, click here to Download PACIFICA Textured PDF.

COST for each iSEAT® in either finish $253 Filled or $198 Covers Only – Minimum Order 6 per colour – Free Postage on Covers Australia Wide – Delivery of filled beanbags to be advised please call 0404 007 404 (applicable to Brisbane or Gold Coast). Apologies as the item is bulky we cannot post filled.

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